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Performing magic for Love Island's Dominic Lever and Jessica Shears
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Are you hosting a VIP/Celebrity exclusive event? Do you have guests with high standards that need to be impressed?


Rod has vast experience performing at private events hosted by classic venues, such as the exclusive Queens Club, London and Midland Hotel, Manchester. He has the ability to astonish anyone, from celebrities to CEOs; no one is the too rich or famous for Rod to impress.


A short time after arrival, when your guests have a settled in and have a drink in hand, is the perfect time for Rod to start his performance. Close-up magic will break the ice and have your guests laughing with amazement in no time! 

Birthday party Magician Manchester
Wedding magican gloucestershire

What is Close-up Magic?

Close-up magic is an intimate form of magic, where miracles occur right in front of the spectators' eyes. There are no curtains or trap doors, what you see is what you get. Close-up magicians use small props to play big roles. These would be playing cards, coins or even an item held by a spectator. Mentalism is also unique dimension to close-up magic, and incorporated into Rod's performance. Mentalism – the illusion that the magician has highly developed mental and intuitive capabilities – brings an exciting psychological element that leaves people wondering what is real and what is an illusion. 

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